Initially we designed Darwin200’s website in order to help spread the word about the conservation initiative and gain funding. Darwin200 were then ready to set sail, so we redesigned them a custom website to be used during their global voyage to share their findings and provide live updates and activities.

Darwin200 launched a voyage in August 2023, following Charles Darwin’s global route, as a conservation initiative. With 200 young conservationists joining the boat throughout its journey, they aim to educate those passionate about the environment, so that they can pursue a career in conservation. They also aim to research and collect data that will be vital in conserving the world of tomorrow. We were thrilled to work with Darwin200 again to complete phase two of this project, so that their digital platform reflects the exciting work they are doing on board the voyage.

The website redesign was focused around how the website needed to function while the ship was on its journey. Features that needed to be included were an online classroom with activities and competitions, a live interactive map showing the boat’s current position, updates on who their current Darwin Leader is, and much more. This meant the website needed to be built around the content Darwin200 wanted to put live throughout the voyage, so we worked hard to ensure all of this could be featured in an organised and easy to use way. With calls to action and navigation buttons, users are able to find their way around the website and learn all about the inspiring work happening onboard the ship.


We used Adobe XD to design this custom website to ensure every detail was deliberate and enhanced the visual aesthetic of the website. Since the Darwin200 project is centred around beautiful places and creatures, it was important that their digital presence lived up to the work they were doing and encaptured a sense of adventure and exploration.

As this voyage is ongoing, and completion is in July 2025, it was important for us to factor in the constant updating that the website would undergo. With live uploads and streams from the boat, new activities each week, new Darwin Leaders, and different legs being completed, we ensured that the backend of the website was easy to use for ongoing content management.

View the Darwin200 website.