Hitachi / Ten Thousand Hours



MAY 2019

We recently worked with Ten Thousand Hours and Hitachi Vantara to create an in-house infographic based around a 2019 marketing event hosted by Hitachi.

The infographic needed to chronologically tell the story of not only the event itself but also the marketing activity in the build up to and after the event. With lots of numbers and figures to display it was important that we got creative with the brief, we wanted to created interest bu using illustrations to tell some of the story.


Through the use of typography & graphics we freed up a space making what could have been a very heavy piece of content fun, fresh and exciting. The main central piece was an event booth photograph but this alone did not work with the style of the infographic – to make this work with the design we turned most of the photo into a hand sketched illustration blending out from the photo. And one of our favourite parts of the infographic is the Hitachi ‘duck army’ – turning the image of their Smart IOT Ducks into a cool character.